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Est. 1950

Our Story

My father, Bill York, got us into the pecan business in the 1950’s by clearing the bottomland timber while leaving the native pecan trees. We’ve raised everything from cotton to cucumbers through droughts, floods, and pestilence. Through it all, pecans are our crop of choice. In 1999, we ventured into the shelling segment of the pecan industry. Today, we feel fortunate to be shipping York Pecans around the world. We appreciate your business and promise to keep delivering delicious pecans.

Dan York


I have ordered your pecans for several years and always find them to taste fresh and tasty. I use them in pies and other recipes but mostly we eat them by the handful. Reminds me of my days a child in Georgia. Best part is I don't have to shell them and they stay fresh. I store them in my freezer until I am ready to use them. Thank you for an excellent product.

Irene Aldrich

Outside of the small pecans that I used to get off my own tree, these are the best pecans I've ever tasted. I toast them in the oven at 350 for 7 minutes. I use them for my baking. I will always order these in the future.


I love these nuts! I have ordered them numerous times. They're always fresh & delicious!

Carolyn Malone

Always fresh, delicious to eat straight from the bag and so very convenient to bake with. Not a hull or rotten pecan found! Good price for quality and super fast shipping!

Cher Ethridge

I love these pecans. They are chopped to the perfect size for baked goods. I've been buying these pecans for three years now.

Becky Harwell