Pecan Piece Sizing Guide

June 26, 2023

Medium vs Chopped Pecan Pieces

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the Pecan MealChopped Small Pecan Pieces and the Medium Pecan Pieces is?

Left to Right: Medium Pieces, Pecan Meal, Chopped Small Pieces

Pecan pieces are classified by how they pass through a screen sizes based on 1/16 inch.

Pecan Meal:
Size: Passes through 1/16 inch screen.

The perfect nut to have on hand when you want to add a breading/crust. Also great as a fine topping on baked goods and oatmeal. 

Chopped Small Pecan Pieces:
Size: Passes through 4/16 inch screen, but does not pass 3/16 inch screen

The perfect nut to have on hand when baking, crusting, or tossing on your favorite salad. 

Medium Pecan Pieces:
Size: Passes through 6/16 inch screen, but does not pass 5/16 inch screen.

These pecan pieces are packed with delicious flavor. They are perfect for baking, snacking, cooking, or salad toppings.

Chopped Pecan Pieces are slightly smaller than Medium Pecan Pieces, but every bit as delicious!

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