How We Started

Thank you for stopping by and supporting York Pecan. We are so pleased that you did.

I should begin by telling you some of the history of the family business. Our story began in 1887 when my Great-grandfather, James O. Patterson, bought land in the Red River Township of Little River County Arkansas.

The land laid along the north bank of the river across from Bowie County Texas and about eight miles downstream from what is now the State of Oklahoma. It was a pretty rough and tumble place back then especially for J.O. since he was the county sheriff.

My grandmother told me about his skill of playing the fiddle, and I’m sure that helped him through some of the tougher times. But he and all the later generations managed to hold on to the old homestead and make some improvements along the way.

My father, Bill York, got us into the pecan business in the 1950s by clearing the bottomland timber while leaving the native pecan trees. We’ve raised everything from cotton to cucumbers through droughts, floods, and pestilence, and the pecans are our crop of choice.

In 1999, we ventured into the shelling segment of the pecan industry in hopes of vertically integrating and branding our product. Now, these many years later, we continue to do the same. We feel fortunate indeed to be shipping our York Pecans throughout the continent.

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality pecans to our customers with friendly service. Every day, we strive to do just that.

So please while you are here, have a look at our products. There are no better tasting pecans than these from the deep Red River soils in the heart of the pecan belt, guaranteed.

Dan York